Liberal Lulu Broke Ethics Laws

Washington Free Beacon Investigation: “Texas Dem House Candidate Hasn’t Lived in Texas for Years”

From the Washington Free Beacon:

A Texas Democratic House candidate voted as recently as last year using her parents’ Dallas address while she was living and working in California.

Helane ‘Lulu’ Sawsan Seikaly…worked in California until at least last year as an attorney for a Sacramento-based law firm and as a professor at the University of California Davis. Using an address linked to her parents, however, Seikaly voted in Texas in both 2016 and 2018, public records show.

A couple of weeks after filing to run for the House last December, Seikaly switched her registration from Dallas to Collin County, Texas.

Seikaly, who is casting herself as somebody who ‘understands the challenges facing North Texans,’ has downplayed her recent residency in California. She makes no mention of it on her campaign website. But her work history, including for a law firm that boasts ‘deep roots in California,’ raises questions as to why she continued to vote in Texas rather than in the Golden State, and the perception that Seikaly returned to Texas only to launch a congressional bid could prove a stumbling block on the campaign trail.

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“Lulu Seikaly failed to submit financial disclosure” – Dallas Morning News

“Congressional candidate Lulu Seikaly has not filed a required personal financial disclosure form to the U.S. House, according to House records.”

“Seikaly should have filed her personal financial disclosure form with the House in May. She did not seek an extension, records show.”

“Financial disclosure reports are designed to shed light on the financial activity and investments of candidates and public officeholders. It’s a safeguard against conflicts of interest and other ethical traps.”

Read the entire Dallas Morning News article here.

Why is Lulu Seikaly Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked candidate for Congress?

Lulu Seikaly has been cynically attacking her opponent for working to preserve commonsense election security measures like Voter I.D.1 But it turns out she has been abusing our election laws to vote in Texas while living in California.

Liberal Lulu lived in California…

Lulu has spent the last 5 years as a California resident2, paying California taxes3, and working at a California lobbying and law firm.4

…but voted in Texas elections.

While claiming residence in California, Lulu Seikaly continued to vote in Texas elections from her parents’ address5 even though Texas election law says one must be “a resident of this state” to vote.6

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Liberal Lulu Supports a Policy That Would Let Dangerous Criminals Get Out of Jail

Lulu Seikaly supports a liberal piece of legislation that would result in the release of many prisoners, including murderers and rapists.1

Dangerous criminals belong behind bars, but Liberal Lulu’s policy would put them back on the street, putting their victims and innocent people at risk.

Lulu Seikaly is too liberal to represent Collin County in Congress.

1. HR 6800; Twitter, 5/18/20

Liberal Lulu Supports Huge Tax Hikes

The last thing Collin County taxpayers and small businesses can afford is a huge tax increase. But that’s what Liberal Lulu Seikaly wants. She supports Nancy Pelosi’s huge tax hike that would hurt Texas families by increasing their taxes an average of $1,400 per year.1

If Liberal Lulu Seikaly wins, Collin County taxpayers lose. We can’t afford her in Congress.

1. Stonewall Democrats of Dallas questionnaire, 12/19/19